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February 2021


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1 hour
The coach was VERY useful. 3 factors that definitely impressed me and which I noticed: - Explanation was super understandable, and no rushing. - Reasons behind everything that I got taught. - Positive and a very open-minded coach.
3 hours
Wonderful, well-informed coach.
1 hour
He was very nice and was very foucused on helping me improve rather than trying to get through the lesson. He is very passionate and his friendlyness made the proccess go very smoothly.
1 hour
HIGHLY RECOMMOEND. this coach will improve your game through the roof. he will go through every little thing and provide you with alternatives to how you play the game, and it will always improve you. He will go through different builds, runes and champs until you find your play style ! once this play style is developed he will teach you how to use it to win your games and climb the ladders
1 hour
Top tier coach, will teach you how to best optimize the game and help you understand how effective different play styles can be. E.G u got stomped in lane? Dont worry! we will guide you in the right direction and help you to win those games! no more team dif!
1 hour
Friendly, very helpful!
3 hours pack
Coach was awesome. Incredibly detailed conversation... focused directly on my champ and role. So much to learn and improve on. He had a really easy way of coaching.
1 hour
It's obvious that he's super experienced and knowledged, he really helped me understand some basic game mechanics and was always available to hear my questions out and making sure i understood the concepts he was teaching. 10/10
1 hour
He did a great job pointing out my mistakes and clearly has a great understanding of the game.
1 hour
Amazing coach! i was nervous to start coaching, but this guy is very relaxed and always make u feel comfortable. even in questionable choices in games he will reassure you, that following your jg into death is a much better idea!
3 hours
Seriously fantastic. Extremely thorough and easy to follow, and gave me a lot of clarity on what to do going forward. I was nervous about trying this but he made it as chill of an experience as possible.
1 hour
The man with a plan! Always has something planned that he thinks will most benefit your coaching time and improving you as much as possible! He will provide as much information as he can in the amount of time you have! He always allows time for questions and will work with you to help you improve as much as possible! Always going above and beyond for your improvement! Must buy coaching!
1 hour
Gives very in depth analysis of your replays to improve your skills. Will give tips, tricks and ideas to try within each of your games. For example. When to push lane or when to fight!
1 hour
Provides a great understanding on how to improve your shot calling, map awareness and overall game knowledge, highly recommend for anyone who wants to push their skills to the next level and dominate the rift solo!
1 hour
Excellent coach. He made sure I understood where I made mistakes and how to correct them.
3 hours pack
He tried to recognize my deficits and respond to them with examples from my games. He accompanied me on a ranked and gave me tips during the game as well as pointing out the opponent's mistakes. I noticed positive changes in my gaming behavior during the game. 11/10
5 hours pack
Friendly coach that doesn't stand with watch in hand waiting to the end. Focuses on his coaching mission fully even overtime. Provides realtime feedback that helps both in live game and in the replay analisys. Always open to help, prioritizing champions I like.
3 hours pack
Knowledgable coach, helped me improve and gave me even more time than I payed for. Very good 10/10.
1 hour
Quality of the coach exceeded my expectations. Talkative so there was no moments of awkward silence. Highly recommend this guy. Actually dedicated more time than destined, which means that he is actually person that want you to improve.
1 hour
will put 100% effort to help you improve your game, will give you the most bang for your buck and will give you every second of the time you buy ! great coach, highly recommended to improve your skills!
3 hours pack
Absolute best guy, will work with you in improving and adapting on the skills you already have and show you how to use them properly to win games!
3 hours
Fantastic coach really works with you to improve your skills quickly. Huge difference felt already!
2 hours
Coach diff MonkaS
2 hours
kurwa good coach POGU 100% winrate ez coach boosting
3 hours
Very cool guy. Was super nice and made sure I knew every concept he explained.
1 hour
I only had on session with one coach yet band I got, what I expected for the price.
3 hours
The coach was amazing! I went from 1 and 8 to 15 and 1 K/D. He was extremely detailed on the analysis and on the live coaching. Definitely going to practice and get more coaching from him.
1 hour
Very good and professional.
2 hours
Very good. Took well more time than necessary too and made sure I understood everything before moving on. Now have lessons to train myself in and when i feel comfortable with my new knowledge I will come back for more to be able to continue develop as a jungler.
3 hours pack
He was very patient, and he’s English is good. He taught me some tricks that I wouldn’t know it would be so important that eventually enable me to rank up a whole tier.
3 hours pack
very positive
1 hour
Very knowledgeable coach, takes his time to explain every situation. Interacts and listens to the clients opinions. Even goes over time to finish the explanation and also gives pointers after that. Really pleasant experience 5/5 would recommend.
1 hour
Amazing coach, He really help me a lot when it comes to wave management, How to freeze my wave, and how reset my wave! He also taught me how to save my abilities for clutch moments, instead of wasting my abilities into minions! over all very satisfied to have him as a coach! will come back for more!
1 hour
Bro hes great, doesnt waste time on small obvious generic shit and delves deep into what really matters
1 hour
This was the best coach i´ve had! He helped me alot to find my own mistakes and also gave me tips to improve. Ill order again !
1 hour
Personable coach, adds humor to your coaching experience.
3 hours pack
Very plesant expeiriance - this 3h session has thaught me much. The coach was very friendly, patient and managed to point out all of my mistakes, which we have later deeply discussed. All in all, worth it if you would like to get better and spend some time with a proffesional.
2 hours
My session with this coach started with a review of a previous game in which areas of improvement were given, then a live game, and another follow-up review of the live game. The macro knowledge and different perspectives given by this coach were more than worth the money. Great guy, great sessions - coming back for more.
2 hours
kevin was awesome. his in-depth knowledge is easily translated to immediate success, especially after the live training. best 3 hour investment i've made in a long while.
1 hour
My coach, Kevin, was incredibly good at explaining what would happen before it played out. He double checked itemization to ensure a better build path, and thoroughly explained wave management in a simple way.
1 hour
Friendly attitude with some occasional humour, all around great coach.
1 hour
great coach
Ask from Kevin Santos
Kevin Santos
Hi ,

Do you have any questions before booking a lesson?
Is there no available date on my calendar that suits you? You wish to get to know each other before you book?

Drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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Welcome! I would like to introduce myself for a moment, to let you know me better my Friend :)

Quick Why Kevin?

  • Highly Developed Empathy and Understanding. 
  • Fastest Growing coach at since 2k20
  • Coachings sessions uploaded and recorded for you :))
  • Access to my discord community and the student support zone
  • Booster for 4 years, experienced every elo before and your "teammates"
  • Winner Mindset + Teaching how to shot call, so sheep will follow

Zawartość panelu

I have been playing League since season 3, where i already achieved plat4 in the first season of my journey, after that I was able to achieve more ambitious ranks which people want so hard, without even experiencing something like being hardstucked.

All thanks to my pure winner mindset.

Currently, I'm able to coach you at every lane you wish, due to my flexibility and role swapes during my all seasons.

What can I offer?

Overall, important knowledge of the game including:

  • Laning Phase
  • Wave Management 
  • Decision Making- Factors /Map Awareness
  • Macro/Micro Game
  • Proper usage of advantage/snowball 
  • Draft Phase (Champion select analyse&more) 
  • Whole Game Understanding
  • Proper Mindset development
  • Specific Champion Requests

Why should you choose me?

  • Ambitious and energetic person, who always gives 200% during the coaching sessions.
  • I'm appreciating your trust, i wont finish the coaching session untill we will make sure you understood everything I explained. 
  • I'm looking at you as my friend and student, not as a customer, I always wish to help and I really would like to see your growth as one of my students
  • Professional work environment
  • Professional coaching tools+ high quality
  • Ex. Top1 Annie world and Kassadin euw

How coaching looks like?

We are doing it through discord, by screen sharing.

Firstly i recommend to analyse one of your replays chosen by you, after that i know the way we should continue, usually first time it goes like this:

Replay analyses ---> Live Coaching ---> Analyse of the live coached game (3 hours session).

The rest is adjusted to the customer preferences and the aspects i notice that we have to work on :>

Other possible ways are:

  • Me playing the champ you choose and preparing the vod for replay analyze
  • Duo'q Coaching Games
  • Practice Tool Mechanic Lessons & more!
  • 1 vs 1 Games

I'm always giving my students the possibility to rewatch live coaching sessions, vods of my gameplays by uploading them only for their private use.

note: not coaching zoe