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The coach was really patient when it came to explaining stuff about mechanics / rotations, not only did we play as a team, he wanted to analyse my gameplay live when playing with a random teammate. I really liked the way he helped me with improving and left some suggestions for me to train after the sessions.
1 hour
Really nice, and he understand my problems, and my questions and he gave me tricks that i really use, and have improved my gameplay.
1 hour
very well explained coach. he showed me two certain drills to work on in freeplay and has helped me a ton! I highly recommend this coach. He’s a chilled guy to speak to as well. ( I’m not just saying this btw if u think that haha) this is my honest opinion.
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Not very reliable
1 hour
this guy is the most patient and straight to business coach I have ever worked with, he listened to what I needed as a player and sculpted the session to suit it, I wanted to know my main issues and how to fix them he was pinpoint with the issues and told me how I can train myself out of them, he taught mechanics that I was unclear on and made it understandable even after I had watched countless "tutorial" videos on youtube he made me "get it" after around 5 minutes. if you are looking for a coach who will give you the best value for your money then look no further. not to mention that he "no fuss" split the session up and gave me more than the hour I booked as I had some unforeseen issues IRL. nice guy and a good laugh, oh he also showed me some streamers to watch that he believed would help me realistically as opposed to just saying "go watch jstn" as most do! honestly a very very good coach. WILL be booking again!
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good very very very good coach
1 hour
very good coach
Excellent boost rating
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Hi ,

Do you have any questions before booking a lesson?
Is there no available date on my calendar that suits you? You wish to get to know each other before you book?

Drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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Hey! Welcome to my profile, I'm PrinceIce aka Jels. I live in Belgium and I have been playing rocket league since season 2 on PC. I have more then 3.5k combined hours in the game and I still love playing it. I have boosted and coached some people here and there but mostly boosting but I am experienced in bove.

What can you expect from me?

As a experienced player in rocket league that has hit 1850mmr in grand champion in doubles and standard serveral times, I will teach you and lead you to the top of this game. I've been playing some tournaments against very good players and I know what common mistakes are at any rank from bronze to grand champion and most important I know ways to fix them and improve them easily. I'll offer you tips and tricks to improve but also training packs and certain youtube video's that will help you out a lot. I am able to watch and analyze your replays, play with you and giving you lessons ( with screenshare on discord and online stuff). For sure you will be able to ask me anything you don't understand/ you need help with and I'll be there to help you out.


  • All about rotation, positioning, team plays and competitive scene.

  • Improving your mechanics, including every skill in the game you can think of ( air dribbling, flip resets, ceilling shots...) Movements aswell (wavedash, fast kick-offs, rotation, boost pads paths etc..)

  • Psychological improvement for competitive rocket league and important matches. I'll teach you how to be a mentatlity brick wall and how to not give up.
  • Helping you find the best camera settings and other settings in rocket league.


Dutch, English

Records in game:


  • Grand champion peak =1877 mmr in doubles and standard
  • +3500+ hours played.
  • Won against esl monthly elites and pro players
  • TOP 48 in RLCS X
  • Got ssl tournament winner title