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LoL Coaching by Bettergamer

League of Legends is considered the most successful MOBA game in terms of both active player base and the magnitude of its Esport popularity. In the five versus five gameplay environment, the two teams fight for victory to gain League Points (LP). The fight for higher ELO and shiny tiers or divisions becomes increasingly challenging as the player advances through the ranks. To continuously improve in League of Legends can require the help of a third party. LoL coaching sessions by Bettergamer is the ultimate tool to master League of Legends and to achieve the highest ranks including Challenger!

Become a Pro In League of Legends

Bettergamer is the ultimate coaching platform for LoL. We provide the best coaches capable of helping players from rookies to high elo players, including Iron to Challenger ranks. The availability of our professional LoL coaches are up to date and indicated in their live calendar under their profiles. Even one session of coaching with a professional League of Legends coach can create a significant impact on your game. We are ready to help LoL players with any goals, including champions mastery or any specific ELO increase achievements.

Why Bettergamer

Bettergamer provides a premium and high-quality coaching experience to any League of Legends player. Our algorithm was designed to find the perfect match from our booster list based on your needs. With the help of our user-friendly interface, coaching with Bettergamer remains a highly satisfactory experience from booking the coach until mastering LoL and dominating in ranked games. Additionally, we offer a 24/7 support service to help you solve all issues, and we are flexible to make it up to the client by any means. If you have any questions related to League of Legends coaching, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services.