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We provide coaching lessons for the most popular online games by the best coaches available.
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Find your coach

With the help of our carefully engineered algorithm, we make it easy for you to find your perfect coach.
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Become a pro

Start your lessons with our coach to begin reaching your in-game goals and become a professional player.
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Excellent 4.85 Rating
91 Reviews
Really easy to use service, will do again.
Anonymous Verified
4 days ago
Guter und zuverlässiger service
paja**** Verified
1 week ago
Verry friendly and fast will do it again.
skull**** Verified
1 week ago
Excellent boost rating
Featured coaches
Vasilije Bulajic
  • Rank #1 Olaf and 1# Rammus world wide
  • Super friendly and engaging
  • Listens to your problems and finds solut
Best choice
Bugra Y.
  • Challenger Coach
  • Got a lot of students to diamond1+
  • Over 1000 Hours of coaching experience
Best choice
Kevin Santos
  • Coach for 3 years, Shotcaller, Leader
  • Winner Mindset Teacher, Problem Solver.
  • Not only a Mentor but Friend :)
Best choice
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Create your unique Bettergmer account to access all of our features. The process is lightning quick, and it is the first step of becoming the Bettergamer!
Select your game and use the algorithm to find your perfect coach.
Choose your game, and you can start browsing its coaches. Our easily accessible platform and the thoroughly-crafted algorithm make it easy picking your perfect coach!
Book your coach and start your journey as a professional player.
After finishing the booking and the checkout process, you will access the coach in our member's area. In your unique order, you can start chatting with the coach and plan your first session!

Become the Better Gamer!

Are you an online-gaming and esport enthusiast and looking to dominate any game that comes in your way? Do not hesitate any longer. If you are seriously considering becoming a professional player, coaching by Bettergamer holds the solution for you. Our highly talented Esport coaches are ready to bring your game to the next level. No matter if you are a beginner or have been pursuing a career in esport. Bettergamer's coaches can provide you with outstanding results of improvements to reach your goals. You are just a few clicks away to become the better gamer and start your journey of becoming a professional player.

Our Professional Esport Players are ready to help you.

At Bettergamer you learn the game from the best of the best. We believe that the fastest way to reach the top is by learning the game by the unquestionably best players in each title. Bettergamer thoroughly gathers and filters the ultimate best players of each game. Because of these measures, Bettergamer provides you with not only talent but teachers that can quickly and effectively help you reach your in-game goals. Bettergamer's selected coaches are ready for booking, and their availability is indicated at each coach live calendar. To book the coach, choose your title, then filter through our coaches to find your perfect one.

Enjoy the Results of the Instant Improvement

You are just a few clicks away from raising your skills to the next level. By employing the top coaches available in each online game, Bettergamer is the ultimate platform to reach your goals of becoming a professional esport player. Our company's mission and philosophy heavily rely on the foundation of customer satisfaction and value generation. We define this value as the ultimate learning results that are provided by our experienced and talented coaches of each online game. Learning is the essence of becoming a professional player, take your chance today to become the better gamer!