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January 2021



Are you struggling to climb?

Struggle no more, book a session with me! You tell me what rank you want to get to and I will help make a game plan for you to reach it. I will cover the deck(s) that you want to play, what the win conditions of your deck are, what you are looking to do in common match ups and then we will play a few games together.

Just looking to be better overall?

If you are looking for more general knowledge I can also teach you how to read the meta, what to do to make your own lists and what you can do to tech your deck(s) against the meta.

About me :

I am a perennial legend player in both standard and wild since Mean streets of Gadgetzan, I have created my own deck lists and sometimes break the meta. I was one of the first players to use Control kings bane in wild, and I also innovated spell hunter in wild.

What a 1 hour session would look like:

We would cover the main deck you want to climb with, we would cover your deck list, what some substitute card could be if you do not have the dust for a optimized list, your decks win conditions and how you should play out common match ups. If there is time after that I will spectate and coach you through games during the rest of the time.

What a 2 hour session would look like:

With this extra time I would cover what are some other decks you might like to play, how you can create your own deck lists for the decks that you like, How you can tech cards in for certain match ups, we would look further into how you can look to deny enemies win conditions. The remaining time I will spectate and coach you through a few games.

What a 3+ hour session would look like:

With this amount of time we can go super in depth about each match up, how to read your opponents hand, how you can play to make your opponent play sub-optimally to make them play around a card you don't have and how to properly utilize certain randomized effects in your deck, ( IE proper timing of mana cyclone and arcane trick in mage, turn 3 eagle horn bow or animal companion, ect). I will also be able to spectate and coach you through quite a few games.


We do not have to stick this structure at all we can spend any amount of time on any of these points depending on what you think you need the most.

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