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3 hours pack
3 hours pack
The quality of the coach is excellent!
3 hours
I've never had a better coach than Edy ! I went for him because I like to play assassins and he's obviously an expert. His game knowledge knows no bounds and you know what ? At one point he did a bad call, he's coaching me, looking at the gameplay the map etc. so it happens from time to time right ? Well he fucking owned it, said it's his bad, and we just moved on ! A challenger player that can see through all my mistakes and his own too. He is really professional, super available, helps beyond just the '3h booked session'. I feel like I simply have a challenger friend watching over my shoulder pushing me to get to my goals and that's simply amazing.
1 hour
Very nice and friendly coach
1 hour
Good coach
1 hour
very experienced and intelligent
1 hour
I got a half hour more, then I booked! Spectated and impoved my gameplay live!
3 hours
Very friendly and gave me very good tips i have never thought of
3 hours
He took the time to explain things to me with patience. Very pedagogue. Really a good coach, i learn important things
3 hours pack
The Coach can explain well and have answers to my questions. It helps me everytime fixxing small mistakes in my Gameplay.
3 hours pack
Very Good guy
1 hour
Edy is a very professional and knowledgeable coach who tied to help me the best he could.
1 hour
I expected more for 25 euros.
3 hours
Great coach, told me exactly how to play the laning phase properly on my champ, and helped give some insight on how to improve my mid/late game. Overall great coach, very knowledgable and skillful. Also got a free boost along with the coaching, so 11/10 from me.
5 hours pack
I learned a lot in 5hrs, very sympatic person, Edy!
1 hour
Calm coach, gives you detailed informations about champions/matchups. helped me.
1 hour
I felt like my league IQ just went up by a 100. He explains topics really well, when I ask a question it doesn't only get answered but teaches me even more about the topic I haven't even thought about it. Despite the fact that I hired him an hour, he went the extra mile and gave me extra time to make sure I understand things properly.
2 hours
He was very friendly and competent. He showed me a lot of little mistakes in my gameplay.
5 hours pack
Very nice coach! he has a lot of experience in all things of the game
5 hours pack
Edy is a legend (#3).
2 hours
Coach was patient, thoughtful, through, and overall excellent.
2 hours
Edy is a legend (#2).
2 hours
Edy is a legend.
1 hour
Very nice and Friendly
1 hour
Nice coach and very helpful. Good communication as well
1 hour
Very good Coach, i know i repeat, but he is insane friendly!!!
2 hours
Honestly has helped me fix out the kinks in my play so much, I haven't played this good for a long ass time. Playing in platinum is child's play at this point.
2 hours
Nice Guy
1 hour
again if u are thinking u should get edy ornot i swear get him now and u wont regret it what knowledgeable person unbelievable
2 hours
for real i didnt excpect this to be this good im very very very satisfied and he is very knowledgable and give incredible calls and information if your are thinking to get coach or not belive me go ahead and get 2 hours u wont regret i swear im very satisfied thank u coach edy
2 hours
Edy was a great coach, and really made sure i was satisfied with the experience.
2 hours
I definitely recommend this coach, really good, good explanation.
1 hour
Coach was very good. Friendly and expirienced
5 hours pack
4,5/5; but make 5
1 hour
In the fist hours he learns many things I didnt knew. Very friendly and understand my weakness.
10 hours pack
Edy is the best coach and i will take his coaching lessons everytime again he gave me so much informations and iam now a bettergamer :)
2 hours
Edy was awesome, he gave good tipps and tricks, starting with the basics and move on to your personal weaknesses
1 hour
super friendly guy! helped me a lot with wavemanaging and decisionmaking as AdCarry. He also did a more then an hour because he wanted to say all my mistakes in the game! Recommendable!
5 hours pack
Love it, improved alot in just one session
5 hours pack
Edy was really nice! He has taught me a few stuff I never knew about! I would hire him again!
5 hours pack
the best lol player
5 hours pack
Edy was the best coach everytime again he is a verry nice person
5 hours pack
Best coach I've ever had.
1 hour
great coach and he is very friendly as well
1 hour
Friendly and good coach
1 hour
First time working with a coach and it was absolutely amazing.
1 hour
10/10 best on here
1 hour
Edy was a wonderful coach! Great analysis and pinpointing of places to improve in my games.
3 hours
Great guy, Chill very good at explaining and a good teacher
3 hours
very good coach
Excellent boost rating
Ask from Eddie
Hi ,

Do you have any questions before booking a lesson?
Is there no available date on my calendar that suits you? You wish to get to know each other before you book?

Drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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You stuck in an elo and don't know what to do or you simply want to improve and style on everybody else?

Well I got you my man !

Every single one of my clients improved and most of them come back for more hours since they see how much theyr gameplay changes!

If this is the first time you ever buy coaching, don't worry! I will present you our whole plan and guide you threw everything in order to have an easy and enjoyable session !

Absolutely any problems you have in the game or about the game, we will fix and improve 100% !

About me :

Hello, my name is Edy, I am 22 and I am a Challenger level coach and booster.

I'm playing league since Season 3 and I've hit Challenger each season after Season 5. I mostly played on EUNE/EUW servers but competed in a lot of tournaments and did a lot of boosting on NA server aswell.

I have over 500 hours of coaching experience; all of them being with positive feedback and 2/3 people I coach usually come back for more since our session helped them a lot !

I can provide coaching on: EUW, NA, EUNE, TR, RU, LAN, LAS, BR, JP, OCE and for soloQ players on all roles: Mid, Jungle, Top, ADCarry, Support.

How does this work?

What a typical 1 hour lesson would look like:

We will get to know each other better. We will talk about every aspect of the game, understand exactly what champions you want to learn/improve and I will explain to you everything there is to know about those junglers, including more general tips on how and when to push lanes, when to ward, what jungle pathing fits those champions the best. Builds, matchups, strategy that you need to put into action depending on each game. We will also do a custom game where we will talk about mechanics, do some 1v1s to see exactly where to start.

What a typical 2 hour lesson would look like:

After we finish out first hour and know exactly where we are and with what we should start improving, we will jump into a Flex/Ranked/Normal game and we will play together. I will play around you and look at you the whole time and give you LIVE tips and advice on what you doing wrong or what you should be doing instead. For ex: you are playing jungle and you try to force a gank too hard on mid lane; you lose a lot of time, time that could have been used to get yourself in a better position than the enemy jungler.

What a typical 3+ hour lesson would look like:

After we also play together for one more hour, I advise that we keep on playing cause you will notice how many mistakes and things to improve there are. We play some ranked games together, this way you can improve at your own ELO and also gain some nice LP while also learning a lot of new and useful stuff.

After we finish playing I will give you a \'Homework\' that is to play some ranked games Solo. This helps you a lot to use the advice and stuff I explained you in your own games and get used with the better gameplay. After you do some games alone, you will for sure have one or two games that you feel like you could have played better in and we will spectate those in our remaining hour. Spectating is one of the best ways to learn from your mistakes and the best way to improve cause you won\'t do them twice after I tell you what you should have done instead of just wasting time or creating bad situations for your team.

Most notable things we will discuss:

  • Champion selecting and counter pick
  • How to succesfully increase your winrate in soloQ
  • How, when and where to gank
  • How to manage minion wave and when to join team fights. (pushing, freezing, denying farm)
  • Creating a game plan, spectating the game and analyzing what you are doing wrong
  • Where, when and how to place wards
  • How to scout the enemy jungle and predict his pathing and ganking (mirror jungling strat)
  • Runes, builds and skill order for every champion
  • How to trade efficiently with your opponent
  • Tips & Tricks to guarantee you a better performance
  • How to prioritize objectives (Drakes, Baron, Turrets, etc)
  • How to position yourself in team fight and which target to focus
  • How to communicate with your team do calls
  • How, when and where to pick team fights or not to
  • How to abuse your advantage vs How to come back from a deficit
  • How to end a game with a lead or when the game takes way to long

Looking forward to working with you and note that my coaching structure can be modified from person to person, in order to get the most efficient result.