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3 hours
very informative and patient, also very nice!
1 hour
Very calm, collected and gives good tips on how you can fix major mistakes
3 hours
Maestro was very helpful and friendly. He answered all my questions, explained my mistakes and gave me couple of new tips
1 hour
Just perfect
3 hours
An amazing coach who took the time to break down the little details that can help win or lose a game. The three hours flew by quickly as I listened to every bit of information he had to give. Immediately leaving the session I felt better as a player because his coaching gives you a vast amount of ability to control the game in your favor. He's also very nice and easy to have a conversation with, like talking to a friend more than a coach. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get better at the game.
3 hours pack
it was an awesome class I learned a lot of new things
3 hours
A lovely guy, a skilled player, and very chilled while coaching. It was good to receive constructive feedback in a polite way.
1 hour
Explains things simply and clearly. I am a support main, and appreciate that he is also a support main.
3 hours
Very responsible, and tries his best to work out the timing and coaching.
1 hour
Flexible with scheduling coaching sessions, very intelligent and easy to work with. Gave me great tips on how to be a better Janna player.
2 hours
3 hours
He was really nice and patient answered all my questions and addressed my concerns and was extremely observant and made me feel comfortable and overall and took extra time to talk and show me stuff there is still a lot I need to learn but I feel like I started in the right track 10/10 I don't regret my decision when picking him ^-^
1 hour
Breaks things down simply, and is very intelligent. Offered some really good tips and was very observant of my gameplay.
5 hours pack
Very friendly and easygoing which creates a great atmosphere. Also very flexible with scheduling and able to adjust his teaching to your playstyle. I have improved a lot and learned a great deal. Now I have a better idea of what to do and when.
5 hours pack
Very professional, committed and friendly
1 hour
I'm a D1 (Ex Master) Support player from EUW. The game we reviewed wasn't that useful since it was just a very unfortunate game, but he more than made up for the fact that the game wasn't great to learn from by filling in my huge list of questions that I sent him (Thanks again for that). Overal positive experience, he obviously knows alot about the game itself. English was really good (Which is pretty rare if you're looking for a coach, most of them speak very unclearly or with a thick accent xD). Would definately recommend for Support mains, even the higher ranks :)
2 hours
He was really nice and polite. He listened to everything that I asked and helped sorting out my mistakes. He knows a lot about the game and has a really professional behaviour. In general I'd say that if you want to get better at the support role I would 100% recommend hiring him.
1 hour
He's really good teacher, he talked about everything, that needed to talked about and answered to all my questions and he even invested some more time than i ordered.
Excellent boost rating
Ask from Maestro
Hi ,

Do you have any questions before booking a lesson?
Is there no available date on my calendar that suits you? You wish to get to know each other before you book?

Drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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Hello, im Maestro, i am Challenger support player with 9 years of game experience and 2 years of coaching experience. I focus on coaching support only, because i believe that person should teach only subjects where they feel really confident and able to answer any question they might get.

Im here to share my knowledge of the game so you can climb faster, easier and also enjoy the game just a bit more :) .

I want to show others that Supporting can also be fun and you are able to carry games by yourself.

PLEASE message me before ordering. Im usually avalible from 8am to 11pm CET, but if you send me a message first, we can find date and time that fits both of us :) .


Things i can teach you

  • HOW to win laning phase
  • HOW to play in different match ups
  • HOW to ward efficiently and safely
  • HOW and when to roam, because roaming makes supports win the game.
  • HOW to counter and pick in champion select.
  • HOW to make your in game build most efficient in certain scenarios
  • HOW to successfully make your own runes before every game
  • HOW to play from behind/ use your lead
  • HOW to become a better support
  • And the most important, HOW to enjoy the game without tilting

How do we achieve that ?

  • FIRST, Let us have a little talk about your playstyle, champion pool and feelings about the game.
  • SECOND, we go through one of your previous games together to find out your strenghts and weaknesses
  • THIRD, if i feel like you miss any important basics, we will go through them in a practice tool
  • LAST but not least, we will discuss your mistakes and your weaknesses and i will tell you how to improve them and how to practice efficiently.
  • All mentioned above can be customized to your needs and wishes.

What can i teach you in different sessions?

  • 1 HOUR - Small amount of time where we can do a small talk and watch one of your games. It will be more of a game review where we can talk about little mistakes, because i cant judge your playstyle by one game.
  • 2 HOURS - Enough type so we can watch 2 games and talk about the main weaknesses of your playstyle.
  • 3 HOURS - This will give us more time to make detailed analysis of your gameplay, more time to talk about items/runes/matchups.
  • 5+ HOURS - I usually split these lessons into more little ones around 2,5 hours, because trust me, there will be a lot of information for you to catch. This option is ideal if you want to go for a long time coaching, something like a bootcamp :)

PLEASE message me before ordering. Im usually avalible from 8am to 11pm CET, but if you send me a message first, we can find date and time that fits both of us :) .