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1 hour
Immediately told me what was wrong and right now I am striving to fix it by what he told me Excellent Coach
1 hour
Mischief was super knowledgeable and fun to work with. Within the first few minutes, he was able to identify several problems with my play. What I liked most was that he's also not afraid to tell me when a play was bad; he then offered practical and effective suggestions to fix the plays, moving forward. He also took the time to explain some of the macro concepts of overwatch (something I desperately needed). Mischief also took additional time after our session to provide some sens/DPI suggestions at no extra cost. Overall, this was a worthwhile session and I plan on booking more in the future!
1 hour
Mischief is a fantastic coach and I look forward to our sessions.
1 hour
The feedback was clear, the criticism was very constructive and I was able to understand all of the things I'd been doing wrong. Overall I was highly impressed with the professionalism and the level of knowledge being shared with me.
1 hour
My coach was amazing and very personable!
2 hours
Mischief was absolutely fantastic. Not only was he great at coaching, analyzing my play style, and offering advice accordingly, but he also showed me how to learn and provided training regiments for me to improve on my own. That being said, the best quality he showed was really getting me excited to improve as his personality made it feel like I was talking to a friend who wanted me to pop off. I left the session feeling like I was going to really get good as long as I kept up what we went over. Will definitely be buying more sessions in the future. I could not recommend him more.
1 hour
Supercool person he feels more like a friend helping u get better which I would say feels more comfortable, but still keeps it professional , etc...
1 hour
He was very specific with what I was doing wrong but able to word it in a way so I can apply it in a variety of situations
2 hours
5 hours pack
Mischief is amazing,he's tough but wants you to improve and get better and won't hold back when you make an error, otherwise he is incredibly great at walking you through and giving feedback to you. He's also very patient and detailed in helping you achieve your goal and get better. Time is the essence but working with Mischief has made me better and working on my flaws in game to become better. I highly recommend him!
3 hours pack
Honestly, very well you could not even imagine the games i had after being coached by him, i recommend 100%
1 hour
Couldn't ask for a better Coach. Mischief is really a Pro!
1 hour
very nice but also honest and knows exactly what they are talking about, i couldn't recommend them more
1 hour
knew what he was talking about and gave feedback on what I was doing wrong
1 hour
I was extremely happy with this coach's quality, understanding of the game, great attitude, accessible personality, and clarity of instruction.
1 hour
I'd give ten stars if I could. He knows his stuff and was able to build on the things that I knew, and create a platform to build from where my knowledge was lacking.
1 hour
Mischief Was very nice and I felt like he was down to earth, he was honest and had a playful fun side to him, defiantly worth the money if your looking to get better/ rank up. great service and he felt very professional, but not egotistical about him self witch obviously is a good thing.
2 hours
I loved the session, the coach had a funny asf sense of humor and did a good job of hammering the points that I needed to learn into my head. Would definitely reccomend hiring him if you need some DPS coaching!
3 hours pack
Very professional, gave great advice, was able to climb 150+ SR with his tips
2 hours
1 hour
Very professional and nice.
Excellent boost rating
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Hi ,

Do you have any questions before booking a lesson?
Is there no available date on my calendar that suits you? You wish to get to know each other before you book?

Drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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All orders with me must be booked two days in advance!

First and foremost, welcome to BetterGamer.

My name's Mischief, I used to play professionally as a player along with OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, and a few other noteable

organizations in the FPS community. My highest rank achieved is Rank 3 in Overwatch, and maintain Top 50 in Tank, Support, and DPS every season when I'm not busy with coaching clients. So to say that I main one role would be an understatement! I play all three at a professional level, and have acquired the knowledge to train aspiring players to become a better gamer.

I've been trained by certified Esports specialists during the years 2019 and 2020 to be able to help any player at any rank.

My training has allowed me to help players as low as Bronze reach Master in under a month, which is not something a lot can say!

37% of all of my clients have reached at least Master rank in Overwatch. Organizations have reached out to me to help coach their

professional teams as well. So you can rest assured that you're getting the best quality for a cheaper price than other coaches

are offering. This is just one of the reasons why I believe you should choose me to be your personal coach.

I've been coaching for well over two years now, where I've accumulated well over 1,500 hours of experience, and with the help of senior Esports coaches, I've managed to become one of the most popular coaches online for both Overwatch and Apex Legends.

If you're a new client, you'll be given a quick 5 minute assessment to determine what your physical and mental health is like. This

will give me a better scope of what your future roadmap will look like, ultimately providing you a better and more successful

future in Overwatch.

Here's a list of things that will be covered during your training;


  • You'll be shown the importance of positioning, where you should be stationed and with what heroes. Most coaches will tell you these things, but I'll show you how you can be your own eyes and be able to determine where you should be without needing to purchase additional sessions after.

Ultimate Economy

  • "Ultimate Economy" is the importance of maintaining ultimates and only activating them at particular times when necessary. You'll also be given the toolset to recognize these moments without intervention from a coach for the future.

Ultimate Usage

  • Ultimate usage is one of the most important subjects of Overwatch. You'll be taught to be proficient in your ability to use your ultimate at the perfect opportunity should it arise, and climb the ladder easier in the process. Learn how your abilities should be used, so that when you're using your next Genji Dragonblade, or your next Lucio Sound Barrier, or your next Sigma Gravitic Flux, you'll dominate the enemy team into submission.

Ability Usage

  • Your normal ability usage is just as important to carrying a match as your ultimate is, since they make up for 75% of your APM (actions per minute). You'll be given the knowledge needed to find out how you should be using each ability for every Hero.


  • The topic of movement is versatile, as it is determined by what Hero you're playing. You'll be given the information necessary to outplay your opponents, and how you can help avoid ultimates being used against you.


  • Communication can be a difficult subject for some clients, which is understandable for those who suffer with social anxiety. If there's a communication problem, I'll help guide you. I'll teach you ways to communicate certain points across quickly, and in such a way to encourage players to listen at any rank.

Target Priority

  • Learn what targets should be focused by you, so that you're making the most out of your match. Some coaches may tell you to target the backline, which should come across is obvious for many. But I'll teach you how to perfect your target priority, so that you'll know when you should also focus a tank. This will be covered more easily once we've covered ultimate economy.

Shot Calling

  • Be the backbone of your team. This is especially important to learn how to do correctly, otherwise you may do more harm than good. Thankfully, I'll show you the basics so that you can help your team stay motivated to win, and know what to do more efficiently.

Create Space, Create Pressure

  • This phrase is used regularly, especially for tanking. This is a fundamental that every tank should know, and will be covered during your session(s) with me. This is something that will require going very in-depth with, since creating space works differently across the tank lineup that Overwatch has to offer. With my experience, I'll be able to help perfect your gameplay on any Hero you choose.
  • One important thing worth mentioning is that this subject isn't exclusive to tanking. Many coaches will say it is, but it's not. I want to clarify this as much as possible; you can create space even in other roles. It's important to recognize this since I want you to not be misguided. You can learn how to put pressure on the enemy team in every role effectively, I'll show you how to do it.

Maintaining Your Lead, Win The Game

  • Once your roadmap is known, and we've patched up any mistakes you may be making, I'll show you how to maintain your lead every game and win more often. It's one thing to be ahead, but it's another to maintain that lead. There's a lot to discuss!

Aim Training

  • After you've been assessed, we'll be able to determine if this will be needed or not. I have multiple tests that I'll use to figure out what aim training is required to achieve your goals. Aim training is one of the subjects I've perfected, as I've spent the majority of my time teaching professional players this subject. As a lot of pros already understand the fundamentals, aim training has become one of the biggest subjects for to invest in. So I'm confident in saying that I'll put you on the best possible training you'll get here on BetterGamer for Overwatch.

The most important thing is trust and honesty between a coach and their client. Many competitors will tell you that you'll

win all of your games if you go to them, but that will not happen. You must stay determined even after you've been coached,

and remember what you've learned in order to improve.

37% of my clients have reached Master, and some of those clients were once Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I will not let you down.

Break the mold, and become your best self with my help. Together, we'll get you to your desired rank in no time.

With all of this being said, I hope you'll choose me as your coach, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

~ Mischief