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1 hour
Escape was a amazing coach, super kind, patient and explained things so well. He showed me things in my gameplay that i thought i did well but i didn't. Gave me many things i should work on to improve. He was very helpful and nice. Communication was great. Showed me how to do a multitude of things. He answered questions i didn't even have to ask. I learned so much from a 1 hour session and will forsure buy the ultimate pack. I highly recommend this coach.
2 hours
Honestly, my first ever gaming coach.. Escape is honestly so welcoming and friendly. His understanding to identify the TINIEST aspects of gaming that potentially could win you the round / game Is Impeccable, you will literally realise It once he points It out. Every session Is full on, he fully engages, interacts, help you to understand and overall is an Incredible coach.. He will cover every single angle you will need and want to Improve In a game.
2 hours
Escape is an incredible coach, literally breaks down what you see in plays from pro's and twitch streamers in the highest ranks explaining the littlest details... Phenomenal mentor!
2 hours
Escape is super nice and goes through all of the concepts and mistakes calmly. Broke things down very clearly to help me understand my mistakes and how to improve!
2 hours
I enjoy our sessions together. He is insightful and willing to put the time in with someone at the very low end of the spectrum, when most of the teachings aren't things he can easily teach (example: he can't teach me how far to move my mouse on my mouse pad or when to stop as its neurological on my end, but he does help build that up with instruction) He provides insight on things i need to improve and how to go about doing it. As well as giving alternatives to what could have been done. I think he is intelligent, skilled & insightful. However I don't think I'm a credible student. :P
2 hours
Escape was very informative and saw things that I didnt realize I was doing. He went through plays like a playbook slowing down videos of my gameplay to show me as well as providing examples. I would definitely recommend for anyone attempting to advance their rank.
1 hour
He was great and gave very good tips
5 hours pack
He is a guy really polite, calm with a knowledge of the game impressive. He is a great person before great coach
1 hour
Very good communicator
3 hours
the best coach i ever had, he breaks down everything you need to know and do
6 hours
Super kind, very honest and helpful. He wasn't rude or made fun of our mistakes. It was a very good experience. Will order again.
1 hour
The coach was very nice, he went through in detail what I should improve on and what I should start doing to see a better outcome in my games!
5 hours pack
Escape was awesome. He would watch me play and then we'd go over mistakes I made during the game and he would tell me habits I should get rid of. He was super helpful and listened to what I had to say and he'd adjust the way we would approach a situation based on my skills, knowledge and playstyle. 10/10 will be using him again :)
1 hour
He was very helpfull and kind for my first triall session.. very straight to the point about specific mistakes and how to work on them in the future.. FULLY RECOMMEND!!!
1 hour
Such a good, helpful and knowledgeable coach, I have learnt so many tips and useful information to help me progress, his english is so good and he is so chill and answers any questions! He has asked me to send him my progress aswell as answer any questions I have and keep him updated! I will be ordering from escape in the future and by far the most useful and effective coach I have ever had.
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Ask from Escape
Hi ,

Do you have any questions before booking a lesson?
Is there no available date on my calendar that suits you? You wish to get to know each other before you book?

Drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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Hi, im Escape. I have 10+ years of experience in FPS games at the highest level (CS:GO - Apex Legends - Valorant)

I started playing Valorant in the Beta release and I have been Radiant / Immortal 3 since then.

I have been coaching for 4 years now and received positive feedback from %100 of my clients.

I can confidently guarantee that you will start seeing improvement after our first session.

I will be analyzing your gameplay and breakdown everything you need. Including a lot of tips & tricks I have learned from my 10 years of accumulation, so that you can skip the struggling part easily and reach your goal as quickly as possible to be the BEST player on the server.

''So how does this work ?''

1 on 1 Coaching:

Every player's needs are different. And to make it easy to cover them, sessions come in 3 packages:

Quick Tune Up (1-2 hour)

With this trial session you will learn your general mistakes & bad habits that go undetected. This package includes:

  • 1 VOD / Live Game Review
  • -Prioritized Tips based on your flaws
  • -Settings Overview


Advanced Coaching (5 hours - 2x2.5h)

Where the true coaching experience begins.

With this package we will have 2 x 2 hour detailed sessions where we get into the most important topics:

  • - Aiming / Crosshair Placement / Positioning / Movement / Peeking / Agents & Utility
  • -2 VOD / Live Game Reviews (1 per sesh)
  • -Extensive tips on YOUR needs
  • -Live demonstration in custom games
  • -Aim Training Routine
  • -Settings Overview


The Ultimate Package (10 hours - 5x2h)

Where you turn into a beast. Literally.

-This package includes all of other ones & more-

With this comprehensive package:

  • I will be your personal trainer and put you on the right spot with IN-DEPTH coaching sessions spread over 2 weeks.
  • -1 VOD / Live Game Review per sesh
  • -Live Coaching (Guidance as you play a match)
  • -We will go into deeper detail about the game such as:
  • -Advanced Strategies / Economy Management / Play-style Optimizations / Improving Game-sense / Decision Making
  • -Master 2 Agents of your choice & learn to get more impact in games
  • -I will be tracking your results and provide 7/24 open communication via text in the proccess

The best thing about this package is that it is completely based around your personal needs & suits perfectly to the proccess of improving step by step in every field. I can confidently guarantee that I will transform you to your 5X times better version if you stick with the proccess and put the time in to implement what I give you.

Play With Pro:

Aside from coaching, you can book a session to have a chance to play with me and work together on approaching fights, rotations, decision making and more. While having fun in game !

Feel free to message me before booking. All bookings should be made 1 day in advance.

You will be asked to stream your gameplay or bring pre recorded gameplay footage with into the session.