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Bugra Y.
  • Guaranteed Improvement
  • Challenger 1400+ LP S13
  • Veteran Coach
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Best choice
  • Discover the Secrets of High Elo Players
  • Get DIAMOND In 3 MONTHS with my methods!
  • Achieve High-Elo in Record Time
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Best choice
  • Professional coach/former eSports player
  • Highest successrate coach at bettergamer
  • Improvement after the first session
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Best choice
Vasilije Bulajic
  • Over 1000 satisfied customers
  • Everything you need for TOP and JG
  • Rank 1# World wide Nasus, Olaf, Rammus
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Best choice
Rastko Antonic
  • Rank 1 Tristana and Vayne
  • Challenger ADC euw and eune
  • Friendly coach to solve all problems
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Amed Yildiz
  • Book now and get better!
  • 100% improvement with me
  • Have over 500 hours of coaching
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  • Previous Rank 1 Assassin Player World
  • Specialize in Carry Champions
  • Extensive Coaching Experience
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Emanuel Popoviciu
  • 1047 LP Peak, 4 Years ongoing Challenger
  • Coached Master - Challenger ERL Teams
  • Full Time Coach, Over 4000 hours done
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mohand elshahawy
  • 1000 hours of coaching experience
  • High game knowledge ( Macro / Micro )
  • Teaching you how to climb
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Stefan Todorovic
  • Rank 1 EUNE, Challenger EUW, best Jax
  • Friendly, reliable and engaging
  • Improving your overall macro and micro
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Klajdi Gremi
  • Challenger coach->soloq/teams ALL ROLES
  • All ranks - 100% success rate
  • 8 years, more than 15000 coaching hours
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  • Coach for semi pro scene
  • Coach/booster on boostroyal and others.
  • Grandmaster NA - Challenger EUW S8-10
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Raymond Olçar Özdemir
  • Hit Challenger as Support
  • Learn what doesn't let you carry
  • Play like me as a support :)
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Nikola Surlan
  • 1006 LP EUW Challenger Jungle and Top
  • Helping you improve as much as possible
  • High game knowledge and macro/micro
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Stavros Grivas
  • Helping you with wave management
  • Drafting and mastering picks
  • Correct time of roaming / item build
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Vlad Vojevoda
  • My every customer got minimum +2division
  • Rank 1 fizz , sylas , and diana euw
  • Not just a coach ,also a friend <3
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Yevhen Hlushak
  • Jungle Tracking first 15 min of the game
  • Flow state as a weapon of improve
  • How to 1v9 as a jungler
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Dragan Jovanovic
  • Wave management in lane and side
  • In-game thought processing
  • Knowledge of 140+ champs and match-ups
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Rick W.
  • Top 150 North America Player
  • Ex-Professional Jungler and ADC
  • 5 years of coaching experience
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  • Experienced challenger coach
  • Very frendly and talkative
  • I will be your coach but also a friend!
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Sinan Gozen
  • Elo based decision making
  • All role & champ knowledge(except Shaco)
  • League psychology , managing teammates
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  • Wave Management
  • Roaming timer
  • Teamfighting Positioning
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jake sharwood
Coach Rogue
  • 8 years pro experience, 4 Years coaching
  • Challenger on 4 servers (KR/EUW/SEA/OCE)
  • Full time Youtuber / coach
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med allen
  • Former Rank 1&2 on Twisted Treeline.
  • Over 500 Hours of coaching experience.
  • Macro and Micro decision making.
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Евгений Савченко
  • Более 500 студентов уже обучено
  • Challenger Все сезоны начиная со второго
  • 10 лет опыта игры и 5 лет обучения
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André Silva
  • Very patient and understanding coach
  • Will go above and beyond to help you!
  • Very friendly and engaging
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Joel Rawz
  • 6 Years LoL Exp, 4 Years Coaching Exp
  • Students Coached From Silver To Master
  • Most Requested Coach Across 2 Websites
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Emil Tomov
  • Top 100 EU , 1000 LP Peak
  • 2000+ Hours Of Coaching Experience
  • Unveil The Secret Methods Of Climbing
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  • 2 years of coaching experience
  • Pre game, Jungle Pathing, Post game
  • Marco and Micro decision making
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a b
  • Riven
  • Sidelane macro and transitioning leads
  • Efficient farming
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  • Bottom matchups and the lane phase
  • Vision as a support in the game
  • Solo climbing as a support
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  • Currently playing a pro team
  • Teaching competetive skills
  • Giving important tricks about support
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Luka Cvetkovic
  • 6 years of competitive League experience
  • Dr Mid lane +multirole talent(s1 player)
  • Learn Laning,Leadership,Teamplay,Macro
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Tristan Cote-Lalumiere
  • Reached Rank 1 NA Season 6-7-8
  • Played for FLY, TLA, FOXA
  • Red Bull Player One 1v1 2019 Champion
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Dusan Ignjatovic
  • Positive attitude and Friendly
  • Lane manipulation,Freezing,roams,pushing
  • Listen to your problems and Solutions
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Brandon O
  • Peaked Top 50s in NA, 6x Challenger
  • 10 Years of League of Legends Experience
  • Very Engaging and Positive Game Study
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Kerem Nalbant
  • What should I do when I get a lead?
  • What should I do when I am behind?
  • You do your best but did you lose?
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Strahinja Zvizdic
  • On top of the ladder for past 8 years
  • Professional,friendly and calm
  • Macro,laning,jungling,decision making
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Mohammed El amine zidane
Mohammed El Amine Zidane
  • TOP Jungler in europe west
  • Multi season challenger in 3 roles
  • North african pro player
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Amintas Ntinakis
  • Pro player(LEC tier) and coach
  • Specific training/expertise on champions
  • Lively and passionate on the job
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Reaper Reaper
  • Coach / EloBooster since 5 seasons
  • GM rank peak past 3 seasons
  • Macro decision making / Laning /Jungling
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Elisa SU
  • Very nice and polite, welcome
  • Challenger on both mid top and jungle
  • Coached a lot of people !
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Ondřej Hrneček
  • How to Carry Games with Support
  • Ex-Professional Support player
  • 7 years of competitive League experiece
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