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Best Valorant Teams in Challengers Championships


Valorant esports are not as popular as other games. However, Riot Games has put an effort into helping professional Valorant players get an opportunity to prove who’s the best player in the world.


The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) has several stages, including the Challengers Championships. Here are the best teams in Challengers!




Team Members:


  • SicK.Dapr
  • ShanhZaM
  • TenZ
  • Zombs


Sentinels is considered by many the best team in the world. That’s because the team has an outstanding roster of players, each one excelling in one thing. This team’s best asset is TenZ, which is arguably the best dueler and player worldwide.


Zomber setups work excellently with the team’s aggressive playing, making it only have problems against FNATIC in Challengers. 




Team Members:


  • Mistic
  • Derke
  • Boaster
  • Doma
  • Magnum


It’s not uncommon to see FNATIC as one of the best teams in professional Valorant gaming. FNATIC was the only team able to push Sentinels to the edge, only losing against them and Team Liquid in Challengers. 


Mistic’s ability with Viper and Derke’s aim is a deadly combination against all compositions. Magnum always comes up with creative and risky setups, so expect a show when watching him play. 


Gambit Esports


Team Members:


  • Redgar
  • Chronicle
  • nAts
  • D3FFO
  • Sheydos


After Gambit lost some matches, many people lost faith in its players. However, no one can forget how strong this team is. Gambit players are some of the best Valorant players at the moment. nAts ability with sentinels and Viper makes him a reliable asset in all games. 


This team’s controller role is more than good, so you don’t have to worry about not seeing interesting setups when watching Gambit’s VODs. They won against Team Liquid, which is one of the best teams in Europe. Don’t underestimate Gambit, or you may regret it in the future. 


Team Liquid


Team Members:


  • Jamppi
  • ScreaM
  • Soulcas
  • L1NK


Team Liquid is without a doubt one of the best teams in Europe. Its best asset at the moment is ScreaM, which provides it with precise and decisive plays whenever it needs it. The ability of this team to clutch games is unparalleled. Everyone in Challengers, and even Masters three, should keep an eye on Liquids. 


100 Thieves 


Team Members:


  • Asuna
  • Ethan
  • Steel
  • Hiko
  • NitrO


Tons of people thought the 100 Thieves roster was going to lose all matches. That’s because it has three rookies who just started playing professional Valorant months ago. However, they proved everyone wrong.  


Ethan, one of the team’s rookies, has a gold aim that rarely misses a shot. Enemy players have to be cautious when playing against him if they don’t want to get a headshot every time they walk near him. 


NitrO, on the other hand, is one of NA’s best players. Winning against this player is not easy when he’s in his zone, so he’s something to consider when making strategies against 100 Thieves. The team’s veterans are also the reason for 100 Thieves’ success.


Steel and Hiko are reliable teammates that everyone can count on to keep things under control. 


Conclusion – Who to Root for In Masters Berlin 


Masters Berlin is closer than ever. Many teams are willing to become the best ones in the world. However, it’s not an easy ride. Every qualified team has professional players who know everything there is to know about Valorant. 


Only one mistake can make them lose a match, so focus is fundamental if they want to win VCT. Stay tuned to see what happens!