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Duo Queue Might Be Removed from League of Legends


League of Legends has had the Solo and Duo queue since the game first launched in 2009. However, Riot is now thinking about changing it. That has never been done before in history, but it’s on the books.


In fact, the developers have been floating around the rumor of the possibility of removing Duo Queue so that it’s a Solo-only mode. That way, more players move to Ranked Flex.


What You Should Know


The developers for League of Legends have been very transparent with the LoL community in season 12. They’ve focused on the player complaints about the Chemteck Drake and worked very hard to fix the overall experience people had while playing.


Riot Games wants to improve the quality of life for their matchmaking options, so it is focusing on testing a massive change. The company informed everyone of the idea in a blog post, which talked about removing the Solo/Duo Queue from the game completely.


Solo-only to Replace Duo Queue for League of Legends


Cody “Codebear” Bermain is the developer who leaked that Riot Games is working on many new methods to improve the game modes and ranking options. The March 4 blog post focused on big changes to the Flex and Solo/Duo queues.


Codebear claimed that the developers see many issues with the Solo and Duo Queue, and they constantly point to the accommodation of the premade duos. That directly adds population volatility and quality to the matchmaking mix.


However, unfair matches are often played because Summoners of various ranks party up to take on the issue together. That leads to a higher queue time, more auto-fills, and unfair teams.


Therefore, the developers are working hard to investigate the idea of bringing in a new mode. That could replace the Solo/Duo queue altogether. The name right now is “Solo-only.”


With that, Codebear claims that this change might bring the autofill rates lower than what they are now, but it should decrease queue times. The developers also feel that the teams might be more balanced because the win-rate advantages from team disparity would vanish entirely. That’s a good thing in the eyes of the developers, but some players worry.


Another issue for the Duo Queue is boosting. With Solo-only mode, that unintended mechanic is eradicated completely from the LoL realm.


That could also help to increase the population for the Flex Queue and fix the imbalance it has regarding matchmaking. Instead of seeing the flex teams with four divisions, Riot Games says that it is more competitive and fair for both of the teams.


If this all happens, the Solo/Duo option is gone completely, and the set-up is then called Solo-only. The Flex is there to accommodate all party sizes from one to five Summoners.




The idea of getting rid of Duo Queue leaves many players upset. However, they might be the ones benefiting most from the unbalanced play and longer queues. It’s unknown when Riot might implement the Solo-only world, but one thing is sure: The developers like the idea and are working on it now.


It’s hard to say how it might change gameplay, but everyone is sure to continue playing League of Legends, regardless of what the Solo-only option brings.


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