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Most Watched Twitch Streamers


Twitch has been a popular platform since its beginnings. However, the lockdown made its public significantly increase. That made even more people create Twitch channels and start streaming on a daily basis. People couldn’t get out of their homes, so they had time to support a stream for hours. 


That happened, too, because of some YouTube guidelines that some content creators didn’t like. Many of them considered YouTube a restrictive platform, so they turned to Twitch to have more engagement and talk to their audience more directly. There are hundreds of famous streamers now. 


Regardless of that, some of them are now celebrities worldwide. The most-watched streamers in the world have millions of viewers each day, most of them constantly supporting their streams. If you are curious about who are the most-watched streamers in the world, this is your page. 


Take into account that having more viewers doesn’t mean being better than the others, though. What it means is that they are more popular.


Not all the streamers on this list are English-speaking people, though. That’s because some of the most-watched streamers in the world speak Spanish or other languages instead. 


#1 XQcOW


The second and first places of this list are constantly taking over each other when it comes to views. Currently, XQcOW is the most-watched Twitch Streamer of them all. 


He is a professional Valorant player that tends to play Valorant and other games while streaming. He also teaches his audience some things about esports and professional Valorant gaming. 


XQcOW wasn’t that popular on YouTube. Many people disliked his attitude and decided to watch other channels with similar content. However, it seems like Twitch is the best platform for him. At least for now. 


#2 Auron


As we mentioned before, not all popular streamers are English-speaking streamers. Auron constantly takes over the title of the most famous streamer in the world. His audience is wide and loves to support him as much as they can. One of the reasons for his success is how much he collaborates with other streamers. 


Rubius and Ibai are some other popular streamers. They normally play multiplayer online games with Auron and make projects together. Some of them were friends even before Twitch. Among Us also played an important part in Auron’s Twitch success. 


Like it happened with many others, he took advantage of the game’s popularity to play it with his friends and get more public.


#3 Gaules 


Getting to the last streamer on this list, we have Gaules. He’s one of the streamers who became popular for being a professional player of a game. For Gaules, it was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 


Apart from being a professional CSGO player, he casted the spring finals of a CSGO tournament, which made his number of viewers go to its peak. He regularly plays other games apart from Counter-Strike, but he’s mostly famous for it. 


Wrapping Up -Who’s the Best Streamer to Watch?


All streamers are different from each other. That means each one of them has different things to offer to their audience. If you are wondering about which streamer to watch, you can start with these three!


There are hundreds of options available for you, though! Find out who your favorite streamer is and support them.