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TSM Starting Weak in 2022 in the LCS


TSM added two fresh rookies with under three years of competitive experience combined to their roster, and the team also has some of their best mid-players in LoL. 


After coaching teams like Taipei Assassins, AHQ, and HKA, Wong "Chewy" Xing Lei has now been assigned as head coach of TSM.


This is the coach's first Western debut, and people wonder how he will take to the scene in Europe. It's good to note that core elements hold teams together and keep them near the top half of the LEC standings.


There are so many unique pieces that fall into place to challenge the top of the rankings. However, TSM has slacked during these beginning phases and recently got off to a bad start in the LCS. 


When TSM lost their first few games, it set them back to fifth place, and that is where the team currently stands on the log. We think the change to the group may have hindered its performance as players struggled to come together and communicate an effective strategy. 


Looking back at their performance in the previous seasons, the team was looking towards a promising start to this season. With a bit of confusion showing up in the first few matches season, it seems like the head coach may not be debuting his talent as prominently.  


TSM's First LCS Match


TSM first stood up against EG, and what a grueling match it turned out to be. During the initial rounds of the game, the team seemed like they were going to take control of mid and jungle but struggled to get the support of its players. 


Eventually, EG overran TSM due to uncoordinated team fights and no ADC damage. There is some credit due to two players who did play well, Keaidou and Shenyi, and without their support, TSM would have been in a much worse position. 


Some fans complained that are other players on the roster that TSM could have chosen, such as Aphelios, Jhin, and Jinx. These are all prominent players in the League of Legends tournament which should have been allowed to showcase their style.


The first half of the game did not go so well for TSM, but then they started making a comeback which led to a reasonably even finish. Some fans say EG took the game way back in the Zeri pick, and rightfully so. 


TSM started to feel EG's pressure, which took out some key players. From there, it was a walk in the park for EG as they quickly ended the last two rounds of the game.


Does TSM Still Have a Chance in This Year's Season?


This was not the worse first game for TSM, but the weird draft and under-supporting players led to the team's demise. Fans were surprised that TSM put Spica on poppy as the only purpose he seemed to serve was to pick overextended lanes late in the game. 


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